Is it legit to drink beer?


1. Einleitung oder warum sie heute (k)eine Angst haben müssen

by BOEM*


2. Musical Interlude by B3TP3H6AYA feat. Darwinism 4 Dummies


3. Discussion /w Vid Jeraj, Nada El-Azar, Christoph Baumgarten
Vid Jeraj moderates the panel based on an awareness about the coaching strategies of the right often aimed at people who might feel themselves safer sharing communion values in order to find their freedom, stability, security. Therefore, I would be interested if you wanted to be my guest on an occasion? Its on April 12th. The working title would be „Is it legit to drink beer?“


Nada El-Azar studied Slavic Studies in Vienna and is
currently working as a culture journalist for biber magazine.

Christoph Baumgarten has been in journalism for 20 years after dropping     out of university. He also runs the blog Balkan Stories.

Vid Jeraj, Mag.
Hrvatsko društvo skladatelja
Močvara URK /Jesi free?
drumski pjesnici/ poetry and improv performance