MONEYFESTA 2021 – Call For Participation


Festival der Politischen Kunst, Theorie und Praxis

Call for Participation – all nomads are workers
Festival Juni – September 2021 | Wien – Margareten

What a brave new world? Is everyone now closest to themselves, or do collective processes have a future as well? Who is excluded and how, and how can we generate a public space – in which autonomy and empowerment do not only support an interplay of existing milieus and classes? What positions can art and culture take on in this? What is called „urban gardening“ in cities like Vienna helps in many other places to cover the basic needs for food in times of crisis and to ensure survival. When we look at international art and cultural events, we have the feeling that the biggest problems are the ones between ethnic groups, different religious groups, between corona deniers and hysterics – and that class does not play a big role. Social divisions in all forms and permanent – in a time of crisis of representation, not only caused by Covid-19, these existing dynamics are intensified. We are looking for questions, answers, actions, interventions and „best practice“ examples of social intervention in the production of public discourse.

Deadline Open Call: 31. März 2021
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A project by boem* in cooperation with Kitchen – Zentrum der Tat
Team: Alexander Nikolic & Michael Kalivoda (boem*), Alisa Beck & Marie-Christin Rissinger (Blind Date Collaboration), Club Mongo Bizzare, Eszter Korodi, Andre De Vasconcelos
Supported by shift – Basis Kultur Wien